Prendas de Adelasia 2023


DA Sat, December 2 A Sun, December 3
Experience the magic of the Middle Ages with Prendas de Adelasia.
We are waiting for you on 2 and 3 December in #Burgos to immerse yourself with us in a parallel world, in the past in the company of wolves, medieval dances, flights of birds of prey, historical re-enactments, fire shows, knights, archers and much more!
The best of local and traditional gastronomy and craftsmanship.
All this in the charming village of #Burgos, at the foot of the ancient castle.

The appointment is renewed every year....
It will be possible to immerse yourself in an authentic journey made up of millenary traditions;
one of the most evocative villages of Goceano, relives the Middle Ages by opening the doors of its homes to welcome visitors and make known the most ancient scents, flavors and traditions.

Piazza Emanuele Filiberto