"Le città invisibili" e "Dove non mi hai portata"

@Biblioteca Civica - Multimediale Simpliciana

Thu, November 30
The Literary Tea moves to Thursday and gives you an appointment on November 30th to chat about the books chosen for this month.
It is "Le città invisibili" by Italo Calvino
and "Dove non mi hai portata" by Maria Grazia Calandrone
We are waiting for you, participation is free and free
The invisible cities of Italo Calvino
"What is the city for us today? I think I have written something like a last love poem to cities, at a time when it becomes increasingly difficult to experience them as cities." (From a conference by Calvino held in New York in 1983) Real cities broken down and transformed in a dreamlike way, and diabolical and surreal cities that become modern archetypes of a highly poetic narrative text.
Where you didn't take me, by Maria Grazia Calandrone
Book winner of the 2023 Elio Vittorini Prize and included in the five finalists of the 2023 Strega Prize
Book finalist for the Alassio Centolibri Award, an Author for Europe 2023
Where you didn't take me explores an intimate and complex knot. By investigating the story of his parents thanks to news articles of the time, Calandrone brings out the portrait of an Italy tired of war but not of coercive rules. A country that pushed a strong and vital woman to feel lost and with no escape routes.
1965. A man and a woman, after having abandoned themselves in the park of Villa

Piazzetta Dionigi Panedda, 3

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