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DA Thu, September 7 A Sat, September 30
"Isole che parlano di fotografia" is the section of the International Festival Isole che Parlano - which will take place from 4 to 10 September in Palau, Golfo Aranci and La Maddalena (OT) - dedicated to reportage photography, an opportunity to take note of the world that it changes and transforms itself through images of the most important contemporary photographers.
After exhibitions by some great masters this year, Isole che Parlano presents "Con la boca abierta" by Cristina Garcia Rodero. The exhibition, realized in collaboration with the associated Instituto Cervantes and Ogros photographers, will be hosted in the Palau Territory Documentation Center, where it will be inaugurated on September 7 at 9 pm and will remain open until September 30, 2017.
Cristina Garcia Rodero - whose work is distinguished by the deep interest in human behavior and the study of the customs and traditions that have survived through the centuries, as well as the beliefs pervading contemporary society - is the only Spanish photographer of the " Magnum Agency and has received numerous awards during his long career, including the "Premio Nacional de Fotografía" - awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture - and, for three years, the prestigious "World Press Photo".
Con la boca abierta is a large retrospective dedicated to the Spanish photographer who has a core of 55 black and white photographs made from the 1970s to today, whose lead thread, as the title says, is the gesture of the open mouth: women , Men and children in different moods and portrayed in a gesture that, according to Rodero, becomes an expression of all human feelings.
The amount of photographic shots that the Spanish photographer realizes in his reportage is so extensive that, sooner or later, in his negatives appear characters yawning, shouting, amazement, laughing, creepy, transfigured by a grimace of pain, and so on: endless variants, which leave us in our "open mouth". The lead of the show will accompany us in a walk through Rodero's forty years of career, starting from the places closest to his Puertollano, his native country, to the more remote ones of the globe, through events like Burning Man Nevada Festival or the Love Parade in Germany.
The images lead us into an emotional flow that now embraces ethnic and rural features, now spends the avant-garde languages ​​and tells the poetics of one of Europe's most important photographers. While on the one hand an exhibition is what follows the reportage, that is, the printed transmission of the information of how "lived and recorded" by the photographer, on the other hand there is the pedagogical function of doing photography. This didactic-educational aspect is an opportunity to reflect the public, and in particular young people and children, on some issues of topical relevance.

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