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A stroll round Porto Cervo

Taking a stroll always involves improvisation of some sort but here we introduce you to a few hidden gems to give you a taste of how it feels to be a “local” in the village of Port Cervo for an hour or so at least.
The best thing is to do is park at the Porto Vecchio or the adjacent underground car park. Have a quick look at the Maison Du Port, Porto Cervo’s first building – its architecture speaks volumes about the intentions the first architects and planners had for the Costa. You’ll then come out on to the Promenade du Port with its myriad attractions and temptations. At the southern end, there is a red brick path leading to the famous wooden bridge that in turn leads to the village beach and the Sottopiazza. There are four different flights of steps up to the Piazzetta and the pedestrian area behind it with its many designer shops.
Another short flight of steps and you will find yourself in the arched piazzetta. From there you can make your way up to the Piazza degli Ulivi – the village centre’s parking area – and the Piazza del Principe, a new residential and commercial complex.  
A little further on, to the right, is Via Cerbiatta, a lovely stroll to the waterside where you’ll find Azzurra, the very first ever America’s Cup Challenger in 1983, on display.
The path continues along a boardwalk to the Stella Maris church which is really well worth a visit. And then it’s on to Porto Cervo.
There you will find the marina of the new Yacht Club Costa Smeralda clubhouse. Jetties crammed with boats and the Piazza Azzurra in front of the Club. A little shuttle boat runs to and fro to the Sottopiazza in the village centre from a corner of the marina (the little wooden bridge leads back from the Sottopiazza to the Porto Vecchio also).

Porto Cervo