Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago di La Maddalena

The National Park of La Maddalena, was instituted in January 2000 and includes the islands of Soffi and Mortorio. A microcosm that many do not hesitate to define the most beautiful corner of the Mediterranean: 9 islands and dozens of islets which together comprise almost 200 kilometers of coastline are a world apart of nesting gulls, herons and cormorants, and thanks to a long history of military slavery, was saved almost everywhere from cement and speculation. But if until now the military presence has protected the islands, the Park now regulates the use of environmental resources with mixed success. In fact there are no drastic bans and prohibitions, only some particularly sensitive areas are off-limits: the coast north of Razzoli, for instance. There it's possible to ensure that terrestrial and marine wildlife live unseen by human eyes; the environmental condition of a few decades ago, when the archipelago was crossed just by some local fisherman, is now recreated. The tourism in the summer months is regulated by the assignment of mooring buoy in the area of the three beautiful islands of Razzoli, Budelli and Santa Maria - the heart of the archipelago - and the payment of a ticket to stay close to all the coasts included in the Park. The underlying philosophy is: to regulate an area that is protected by the rules of conduct qualifies the level of tourism - as in Lavezzi, the French island which belongs to a natural park together with Cavallo in the Strait of Bonifacio, in French waters. Here fishing has been prohibited for 15 years, and now diving in shallow water remembers a coral atoll, as fishes swim without fear to the man's side. Ways closer to the Costa Smeralda, the three islands Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria enclose a sheltered water area called Porto Madonna, in front of the legendary Pink Beach - on which, however, is now prohibited to land. The islets Barrettini and Barrettinelli are home to huge cormorants families. Spargi is home to a large colony of wild boars, and offers crystal clear waters, sheltered from the wind on the entire eastern side, especially in Cala Corsara and Cala Ferrigno.
La Maddalena is famous for the beautiful Cala Francese, where the Genoese stonecutters used to extract the granite nineteenth century. Caprera, with the two famous bays Due Mari and Cal Coticcio, known as Tahiti for the transparency of its waters and the charm of the rocks. Soffi and Mortorio are finally the favorite destination for Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo based yachtsmen. Among these islands you can always find a place to drop anchor. Always, of course, if you'd get up early in the morning, especially in August.

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Arcipelago di La Maddalena
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