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Furnishings, accessories, artistic craftsmanship.

"SIENNAS" Design and sale of interiore and exterior furnishing.
Furnishing Consulting.
Sales of italiano furnishing accessories and Sardinia artistic handicraft.

Siennas was born from two great passions, the one for my work and the one for my land, Sardinia.
The first concerns the design of interior furnishings, the second comes from the love for a land rich in history and traditions. The fusion of these two elements gives life to the design of modern or classic furnishings embellished with artistic accessories revisited in a fresher aesthetic and of great historical value.
The design phase is always a great challenge for me as once I understand the customer's needs, together with him, I develop a project in which every space is taken care of in detail and embellished so each room will be unique for the choice of materials, colors , style and design.
Each piece is designed to tell the story of Sardinia, starting with an idea that recalls history or tradition, choosing materials of great value and quality and developing a project in line with trends.
The customer has no choice but to live an experience in which the narrative voice of those who have carefully selected each element with great care and passion, will tell about Sardinia, the one made of materials, myths and traditions, it will be a matter of taking a dip in the past but with the eyes of the future.
The name SIENNAS is a Sardinian word that translated means treasure, widely used by mothers towards their children as a manifestation of great love and deep affection.
Siennas, the first two letters "yes" and the last "as" bring to my mind the surname of my mother, the most important person in my life who left me at a very young age.
She is always present in my life thanks to her teachings, her wisdom, her strength and temper in facing life.
Siennas aims to bring a territory like Sardinia to life starting from the story of materials, traditions and its history through the design and selection of furnishing accessories designed for each environment.

Anti COVID-19 measures

The store was subjected to sanitation by the Gallura Disinfettazioni company. Complies with the regulations relating to the trade sector, the entrances are authorized one at a time, inside you will find the column with sanitizing gel and disposable gloves to be able to touch the exposed objects with your hand, it is important to respect the 1-meter inter -don distance. The staff is at your disposal for furniture, design and sales consultancy.

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