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Tue, November 30
"Tinte Fosche - autumn in noir V" continues and it does so by hosting a great author: Carlo Lucarelli.
The writer will talk about his new novel "Léon" published by Einaudi.
He will dialogue with the author Piergiorgio Pulixi.
The event will be broadcast live on Tuesday 30 November at 9.00 pm on the Facebook pages of the review, of the Ubik Olbia Library, of Il Politecnico Argonauti and in that of the Pulp cultural association.
It will also be broadcast, always live on the Tinte Fosche YouTube channel.
THE BOOK: The Iguana, the most ferocious of serial killers, has escaped. The news is one of those that are really scary: now his obsession could be taking revenge on the policewoman who had arrested him. Grazia Negro is back. And with her Simone, the blind boy from Almost Blue. “I think I heard a noise. It's like when you notice someone has been talking for a while but you don't understand what they said because you weren't listening. Somewhere, lost in my memory, I have the memory of a sound, increasingly distant and indistinct, like a dream after waking up. But there was, I felt it. There is someone here with me ». Bologna, Maggiore Hospital. Grazia Negro is still numb from the anesthesia for the caesarean and yet she smiles. Finally, in spite of everything, she is what she discovered she wanted to be: a mother. Enough with the investigations, enough with the dead, enough with the hunt for monsters. She's happy. But a moment later she realizes that something is wrong. A nurse takes away her crib with the newly born twins, while an agent pushes her bed out of the room. The Iguana, the crazy killer who had targeted university students years earlier, has disappeared from the psychiatric facility where he was being held, leaving two deaths behind. It was Grace who had captured him. That's why they move her and the girls to a secret place. And for this reason they also bring Simone, her former partner, the blind young man who had helped her in the investigation. But it is not enough. There are dark areas in this story that hide very dangerous surprises. None of the people involved in the case are safe.
THE AUTHOR: Carlo Lucarelli (Parma 1960) made his debut in 1990 with Carta Bianca for the Sellerio Publishing House. also for Sellerio come out L’estate torbida (1991) and Via delle Oche (1996), reprinted by Einaudi. Intrigo italiano (2017) and Peccato mortale (2018) also come out of the series with Inspector De Luca. Since 1990 he has published over 20 novels, several essays and collections of short stories. For Einaudi he also published the series of novels starring Inspector Grazia Negro, Lupo Werewolf, Almost Blue (1996), One day after another (2000), The dream of flying (2013), and the series with the Inspector Coliandro, armed Falange and The day of the wolf. Also for Einaudi were also released: The island of the fallen angel, Guernica, Laura from Rimini, The eighth vibration, Albergo Italia and Il tempo delle Iene. Many stories of him have been collected in the anthology "The left side of the heart". For RAI he was the author and host of the Mistero in Blu (1998), Blu Notte, Blu Notte Italian Mysteries, Lucarelli Racconta and La thiricesima ora programs. From 2014 to 2018 he is the author on the Sky Arte HD channel of the Muse Inquietanti program and from 2019 of Inseparabili. From 2015 to 2016 he edited the “Profondo Nero” Crime Investigation channel. Two of his characters, Inspector Coliandro and Commissioner De Luca, landed on TV giving their name to the homonymous series of television dramas for RAI. He has written for the radio (Radiobellablù, deegiallo), for the theater (Via delle Oche, Tenco a tempo di tango, Pasolini an Italian mystery). 2015 his first children's book was released: Thomas and the twins, for Rrose Sélavy Editore, whose protagonists are his twins: Angelica and Giuliana. In 2010, with Giampiero Rigosi, Michele Cogo and Beatrice Renzi, he founded Bottega Finzioni in Bologna, the shop where you learn the craft of storytelling.
The "Tinte fosche, autumn in noir" project was born from the synergy of three cultural actors of the city, namely the Pulp association, which deals with artistic and cultural events, the association Il Politecnico Argonauti active in the organization of the Festival del Cinema of Tavolara of Stories of a moment, popular festival of photography, and many initiatives and the Ubik Olbia bookshop, now a point of reference and aggregation for literary events and not only in the area.
Also for this edition the festival relies on the support of the Foundation of Sardinia and the Municipality of Olbia,
The artistic directors are, since the first edition, the bookseller Andrea Baragone and Marco Navone, of the Argonauti association.
In this edition the writer Piergiorgio Pulixi will support them in the direction of the review.
For info: Andrea Baragone 3392924084 -
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Argonauti: Argonauti Polytechnic - Tel. 346 1569450
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