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Thu, December 2
"Tinte Fosche - autumn in noir V" continues and it does so by hosting a great author: Antonio Manzini.
The author will talk about his new book "Pista Nera" published by Sellerio.
He will dialogue with the author Piergiorgio Pulixi.
The event will be broadcast live on Thursday 2 December at 9 pm on the Facebook pages of the review, of the Ubik Olbia Library, of Il Politecnico Argonauti and in that of the Pulp cultural association. It will also be broadcast, always live on the Tinte Fosche YouTube channel.
THE AUTHOR: Antonio Manzini, writer and screenwriter, has published Sangue rottio, La giostra dei haiceti (2007, re-edited by Sellerio in 2017) and The last few days of quiet (2020). The series with Rocco Schiavone began with the novel Pista nera (Sellerio, 2013) which was followed by La rib di Adamo (2014), It's not season (2015), Era di maggio (2015), Five Roman investigations for Rocco Schiavone (2016 ), 7-7-2007 (2016), Pulvis et umbra (2017), The missing link. Five investigations by Rocco Schiavone (2018), Play your game (2018), Rien ne va plus (2019) and Ah amore amore (2020). In another series of this publishing house he has published On the brink of the precipice (2015) and Every reference is purely coincidental (2019).
THE BOOK: Half buried in the middle of a ski slope above Champoluc, in Val d'Aosta, a body is found. A crawler in use to level the snow passed over the body, dismembering it and making it unrecognizable. Few traces around there for the assistant commissioner Rocco Schiavone recently transferred to Aosta: crumbs of tobacco, flaps of clothing, organic remains of various sizes and a macabre sign that it was not an accident but a crime. The victim is called Leone Miccichè. He is a Catanese, from a family of wine entrepreneurs, who came between the peaks and the glaciers to open a luxurious tourist business, together with his wife Luisa Pec, an intelligent beauty of the place that stands out among the many that whet the easy appetites of the assistant superintendent. In front of which there are three paths: the revenge of the mafia, the debts, the crime of passion. Schiavone's was a punitive transfer. He is a corrupt cop, he loves the good life. But he has talent. He puts one piece after another in the enigma of the investigation, placing people's lives and characters in it as if they were pieces of a puzzle. He is not a good man but one cannot help but take sides with him, perhaps because of his vigorous antipathy towards the clichés that surround us, perhaps because he is the only bulwark against the worst evil, death at the hands of a murderous ("in nature death has no faults "), or perhaps for some other reason that closes in the depths of the heart.
The "Tinte fosche, autumn in noir" project was born from the synergy of three cultural actors in the city, namely the Pulp association, which deals with artistic and cultural events, the Argonauti Polytechnic association active in organizing the
Tavolara Film Festival of Stories of a Moment, popular festival of photography, and many initiatives and the Ubik Olbia Library, now a point of reference and aggregation for literary events and not only in the area. Also for this edition the festival avails itself of the support of the Foundation of Sardinia and the Municipality of Olbia.
The artistic directors are, since the first edition, the bookseller Andrea Baragone and Marco Navone, of the Argonauti association. In this edition, the writer Piergiorgio Pulixi will support them in the direction of the exhibition.

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