Ruches, by Gianpaolo Serra

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Ruches, "crosses" in Sardinian, is the more or less real description of various characters met in more than 40 years of work in Sardinian healthcare; people who, in various ways, influenced the professionalism and personality of the author: workmates, nurses and doctors, auxiliary staff, priests and nuns, primary and, last but not least, patients met in various realities of the island in the 1980s of the last century.
Trastalai, the place of reference for almost all the stories, is not invented, except in the name, just as the profiles drawn originate from people who really existed.
In particular, the portraits of a former partisan, of service managers, of patients met in a hospice, of psychiatric patients, of a nun who hides a red primrose of Sardinian banditry emerge. Memories never dormant.
The descriptive slant is halfway between the dramatic and the ironic with numerous references to the Sardinian language of Nuoro.
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Gianpaolo Serra
Gianpaolo Serra was born in Orune (Nuoro) in 1961. He currently lives in Olbia and works in the field of Health Emergency / Urgency dealing in particular with Training.
Always passionate about Sardinian linguistics, since his adolescence he devoted himself to poetic composition respecting the popular traditions of Sardinia.
He has been a member of the Academy of Popular Traditions in Nuoro for about twenty years, where he held the position of Vice-President. He is a member of the choir of the same Academy as well as a scholar of Sardinian choral singing and singing a "Tenores".
He actively collaborates with the cultural periodical "Piazza del Popolo" of Berchidda (Sassari), which deals with linguistics, Sardinian history, archeology, Sardinian poetry.
He has to his credit the publication of an autobiographical book, "Supra s'ala 'e s'ammentu" in which, in addition to recounting episodes and characters from his childhood, he describes two different village realities, Berchidda and Orune, from Sardinia in the 1960s and Seventies. He has also published a collection of 50 poems, with love in all its forms as its theme, in which the Italian and Sardinian languages ​​are combined in a harmonious mix.
In the summer of 2019 he was awarded with a special mention at the "Pietro Casu" Sardinian Poetry Award; in September of the same year he ranked third in the National Literary Prize of the City of Ischitella reserved for poems in dialect or in a minority language, with a small volume entitled "A Duru Duru", a collection of nursery rhymes in Nuorese written with the alliteration method.

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