Patronal Feast of Arzachena


DA Sat, September 18 A Sun, September 19
The Arzachenesi Fidali Committee 1981/1996 with the collaboration of the Pro Loco Arzachena and the patronage of the Municipality of Arzachena organizes the festive weekend events for the patrons Sant’Isidoro, Sant’Antonio and Santa Maria della Neve.
In addition to the religious celebrations already scheduled for 18 and 19 September 2021 by the parish, there are moments of entertainment for children and the great concert with the star of Italian rock music, Piero Pelù.

The program includes:
Saturday 18th September
- from 4 to 6:40 pm, itinerary in all the districts for prayers with the Committee;
- 7 pm, religious celebration in the new temple of Santa Maria della Neve;
- from 17 to 20, games and entertainment for children in Piazza Risorgimento.

Sunday 19 September
- 10:30 am, procession starting from the new temple of Santa Maria della Neve, continuing along Viale Costa Smeralda up to Via Ruzittu and returning to the temple;
- 11 am, celebration of Holy Mass in the new temple of Santa Maria della Neve;
- 7.30 pm, opening of the show with the group of Arzachenese musicians “Angedras” (Tanca di Lu Palu);
- 8.45 pm, performance by the comedian Uccio De Santis (Tanca di Lu Palu);
- 10.00 pm, Gigante Live Tour - performance by Piero Pelù and his band (Tanca di Lu Palu).

Access to the show area set up in Tanca di Lu Palu, next to the XVIII Novembre park, is free and allowed in compliance with the provisions for fairs and events for the occupation of seats only.
Reservations are possible right now by clicking on this link