"Fachende Zoigas"

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"Fachende Zoigas" Dorgali
After a year off, Autumn returns to Barbagia!
The appointment in Dorgali was set for 18 and 19 September 2021.

17 SEPTEMBER 2021 "Waiting for Autumn In Barbagia in Dorgali".
7.30 pm - Inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to the Dorgali artist Piergiorgio Gometz - Council Chamber, Municipality of Dorgali (Via Umberto, 37).
9.30 pm - Entertainment with live music by the Leva '92 Committee in the "Castula" area.
18 and 19 SEPTEMBER 2021
Starting at 10 am, opening of the SHORTS and beginning of the artisan demonstrations and guided tastings, all day until 8 pm
Demonstration of the grape and wine production process and guided wine tasting.
Demonstration of the milling of traditional Sardinian grains.
Processing of lard and its seasoning.
Educational farm lesson on bees with the help of the hive. Tasting of honey, abbattu, hazelnut and others.
Exhibition of the phases of harvesting and processing of Sardinian saffron.
Demonstration of the weaving of baskets.
Demonstration of traditional sweet and savory preparation and cooking on a wood oven.
Demonstration of the typical dessert preparation "Gattò e Aranzada".
Demonstration of preparation of su pistizzone (Fregula sarda).
Live demonstration of knife forging.
Demonstration of Sardinian carpet weaving and crochet embroidery.
Exhibition of jewels made with traditional filigree and artisan demonstrations of live processing of some of the most typical jewels (s'isprugadente, Sardinian wedding ring, corbula, buttons).
Demonstrations of traditional woodworking.
Exhibition of artistic and traditional ceramics made with different techniques.
Demonstration of the workmanship of the classic hand-sewn pocket.
The dressing of the bride in the traditional Dorgali dress.
Exhibition of paintings made with various techniques and live painting demonstrations.
11:30 am - 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm Choir Istelotte singing at the Canti e Sapori Court in Via Lamarmora.
Itinerant concert along the streets of the town of Coro Ilune, Coro Prama 'e Seda and Tenores Durgalesu.

September 18, 2021 - Traveling performances by the Don Milani Folk Group.
September 18, 2021 - 8.30 pm guitar, accordion and voice concert (T. Matzau, T. Delussu, F. Figos, G. Magrini) by the Dorgalese Solidarity Association - Piazza Su Cucuru.

September 19, 2021

18:00 - Holy Mass in honor of Saints Cornelio and Cipriano, followed by the procession through the streets of the town.
8:30 pm - Guitar, accordion and voices concert (G. Murru, T. Delussu, F. Sias, G. Magrini) by the Dorgalese Solidarity Association - Piazza Su Cucuru.

What to visit in Dorgali:
Nuragic village of Tiscali, built along the walls of a deep sinkhole created by a sinking in the heart of the mountain of the same name and invisible until the inside of the cavity is reached.
Nuraghe Mannu: in a perfect position to observe the Gulf of Orosei
Bue Marino Caves: large tunnels, rivers and lakes formed by sea water
Serra Orrios Nuragic Village: a hundred rooms and two megaron temples with enclosures make it one of the largest and best preserved on the island
Grotta di Ispinigoli: an underground wonder appreciated by visitors and speleologists from all over the world. Inside, the tallest stalagmite column in Europe that reaches 40 meters in height.
S'Abba Frisca Museum Park: an ethnographic journey into the history of Sardinia through objects and crafts, a cross-section of the Barbagia civilization within a naturalistic park.
Aquarium of Cala Gonone: a modern and panoramic structure houses 25 tanks dedicated to the marine ecosystems of Sardinia, a tropical section and a fun tactile tank
Civic Museum "Salvatore Fancello": many renowned works by the Dorgali artist known for the art of drawing and clay modeling. Here also the famous seven-meter long uninterrupted drawing, a wedding gift to his friend the artist Costantino Nivola.
Archaeological Museum: a rich collection of finds from excavations conducted in the archaeological sites of the area
Artisan workshops: processing of filigree jewels, fabrics, leather and ceramics.
At the table: we advise you to taste the delicious "casadinas salias" (a basket of pasta stuffed with cheese or ricotta and mint) and "su pistiddu" (a delicious stuffed dessert made with vincotto, orange peel and honey).

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